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<< In that connection, I would be interested to know if forum members prefer
to buy only flowering-size bulbs, or if they are also interested in smaller
bulbs at a lower price. >>


YES!!!  For the reasons Alberto mentioned and also since one can buy several 
bulbs for the price of one there is more chance of at least one doing well, 
or just the opportunity to perhaps see some variation in color or whatever.  

I have sold countless thousands of mixed Amaryllis belladonna hybrid 3 year 
old seedlings at the Farmers' Markets I do to ordinary gardeners to whom I 
explain that they will have to wait at least a couple years for significant 
bloom but this way they can get alot more for their money and I can produce 
the bulbs incredibly cheaply as they are simply dug en masse from 
direct-seeded beds and sold as is.

It is an approach that is great for both the producer and the consumer.

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