TOW - Digital Photography of Plants and subsequent manipulation of images for printing, the web etc.

Mark Wilcox
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 02:55:34 PST

Yours is a question that comes up often.  My suggestion is to take a look
at the following site:

While it's very difficult for us to keep up on the latest in digital
cameras, they do just that on this site, which is free to people like you
who are trying to compare cameras they've never used before in order to
make a decision on what to purchase.  Their reviews are quite complete,
and multi-page.  They're not afraid to point out negative aspects.
There's be a drop down box that you use to move to the various pages in
each review, which takes getting used to.

In 2000 I used this site to learn more about various cameras, which
eventually resulted in my decision to get the Olympus C2500-L, which I
haven't regretted.

Looking forward to seeing pictures from your new camera,


--- Mary Wise  wrote:
> This question is not about actual digital photography but more a
> request for
> help on deciding which camera would be the best to buy.

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