Audrey Cain's web site, was seed-grown calochortus pictures

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 20:44:17 PST
Dear All,

We just got our power back on a few hours ago. There have been a series of 
wet windy storms and we have been without power for most of the time since 
Saturday morning. Obviously our server has a generator as I see messages 
have been coming and going in the meantime.

Audrey Cain is part of our list and I enjoy her web page as well. She 
obviously is very successful growing quite a lot of things and I like that 
she lists her sources and how long it takes for her to grow things from 
seed to flower.

Audrey, if you aren't too busy would you share with the group a little bit 
about conditions where you live and your methods that obviously are 
successful. I am sure that everyone would  be very interested.

Mary Sue

PBS Administrator

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