TOW - Digital Photography of Plants and subsequent manipulation of images for printing, the web etc.

Mary Wise
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 19:44:20 PST
This question is not about actual digital photography but more a request for
help on deciding which camera would be the best to buy.  I have made the
decision to upgrade my very humble little Sony Mavica FD 73 which has served
me very well but just isnt up to what I require / never was really,  but was
what I could afford at the time.    I am tossing up between the NikonCoolpix
5700  and the Sony DSCF 717.  As for me,  it is a very major purchase I want
to be sure this time of getting the very best for my money.  Can anyone give
me advice on the way to go please.  


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