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Jane McGary
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 18:55:43 PST
Tony Goode described Iris unguicularis and its ssp. cretica. I grow the
North African one in two forms, 'Walter Butt' and a deep violet. Would like
a good white one please?

I've had ssp. cretica but was not impressed with its looks and it died in a
cold year.

Those who live where it is too cold for the N. African I. unguicularis (it
survives outdoors here only because sheltered under a deck overhang, and is
probably hardy to about 20 F in the open) should know about Iris lazica, a
close relative from Turkey's Black Sea coast. Also evergreen and rather
vigorous in growth, it flowers later (March, here) and has similar bright
lavender flowers on shortish stems. Native to open woodland, it does all
right in full sun and flowers better there, but the foliage tends to yellow
in sun. There are a number of shade-tolerant irises that flower better if a
bit sunburnt, such as I. tenuis, an endemic near my home.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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