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Cathy Craig
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 20:08:28 PST
Hi Jennifer,

You can count on the fact that everyone on the robin knows more about the
technicality of germinating seeds than I do. However, let me just do a
little supposition here to satisfy my need for logic. My L. m. bloomed this
summer, produced the seed pods (very slow to ripen), pods broke open, I
collected the seed and sent it to the BX and Dell sent them out. So here we
are in the fall. In nature presumably the seeds would have fallen to the
ground near the base of the plant. Then the winter rains would have
gradually washed off the seed coating (or it would have just rotted off over
the winter). Thereafter, in spring, the seed would normally germinate.

I kept a couple of the L.m. seeds and potted up the mother bulb (wait till
you see the photo of this!) into a larger pot with new soil (plus some
pumace and a little sponge rok) and just poked the seeds into the same pot
about an inch down. This worked last year and I didn't lose any sleep
fretting over whether to plant them now, how to store them until the spring,
or what to do about the seed coat.

Things are so hectic around here that if it can't be done expeditiously, it
doesn't get done at all.

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b

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