Pacific Microclimates

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 21:04:08 PST
Dear Diana, Georgie, and Jane,

I find microclimate a really interesting topic and I hope others will 
respond to it. Georgie described my climate pretty well, except during 
summer we are often above the fog. Just a couple of miles away from me 
rainfall is significantly less. As Georgie says the clouds just sit over 
our house dumping rain when it rains so we get a lot more. In summer 
temperatures are sometimes 10-20 degrees F. warmer than five minutes away 
at the ocean. Near the ocean in summer there is more wind or more fog. 
Often it is one or the other. Although you think of it being warmer in 
winter close to the ocean sometimes the cold settles in low places nearer 
the ocean and because I am in the forest the trees provide some protection. 
So I have had the experience where a plant I have grown that I have shared 
with a friend living closer to the ocean has suffered frost damage when its 
sibling in my garden has not.

So if you looked up information by zipcode or if Gualala were on that nifty 
site Mark shared with us you still wouldn't get the whole picture.

Mary Sue

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