Much Blooming at Christmas

anthony goode
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 13:51:29 PST
Here in the southern UK where what passes for summer is sometimes
described as "two fine days and a thunderstorm" winter might now be
said to be two cold nights and a mild day, a sudden rise in
temperature today saw the last of the autumn crocus, Crocus
laevigatus, and the first of the spring crocus, Crocus imperati,
flowers wide open in the weak winter sunshine.  Also in the garden the
first snowdrop, an early form of Galanthus caucsicus I think, two
forms of Iris unguicularis, several Cyclamen coum with adjacent buds
promising more to come and somewhat surprisingly Colchicum cupanii in
a sand bed.  In under glass a variety of Narcissus of the cantabricus
/ romiexii tribe are also looking nice.

A forecast for mild but dull weather promises to etiolate some of
these precocious early bloomers but they are very welcome nonetheless.

Images of all flowers posted to Bulb Images list.

Tony Goode.  Norwich UK.  Mintemp -8C (but only very rarely!)

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