Not much blooming.......

Tue, 24 Dec 2002 15:24:57 PST

Just a note (my first) to inform whomever might be interested that blooming this Christmas Eve is a bulb purchased at this year's Symposium, namely:


Not only had I never heard of it before, but can"t find any references to it anywhere.

It somewhat resembles Dr. Meerow's photo of E. coccinea in the IBS Gallery - but it differs a bit.

At first bloom, there are 2 buds, one is extended but not open yet. Two 5" long green leaves arch nicely, exposing 2 more in the center. The 6" stalk, 3 bracts, ovaries and 2/3 of the flower are a darkish pink, and the tips (1/3 of the blossom) are dark green.

I suppose when fully open they will flare in the manner of the IBS photo, and in time the stalk, etc. will turn green.

Does anyone grow this bulb who can give me more information about it?

One of the things that has always puzzled me is the fact that so many plants from Asia, Africa, South America etc. from different families (Amaryllids, Irids, Lilids) have tubular red flowers with green tips (Clivia, Stenomesson, Aloe, etc.)

Does anyone have a theory about this?

Also, still blooming since before Thanksgiving, is an Ornithogalum dubium - bright orange visible from 30 paces. It won't be long before I am adentate - from all the gnashing.

I like to purchase bulbs at least 3 at a time - the purpose being that hopefully at least one of them will bloom.

However, I can pot up 15 bulbs in one pot and only one will bloom! How I long to see potsful of blooms! I'll continue, of course, cockeyed optimist that I am.

NEXT YEAR, MAYBE???Come to think of it, in the back 40 there is a pot of TULBAGHIA

SIMMLERI ALBA with SIX bloomstalks - right next to a gorgeous CLIVIA X CYRTANTHIFLORA with many blooms just opening.

QUICK! - tweezers and gelatin capsules!!!! It's almost enough to bliss-me-out !!!

That's my wish for all of you - may your bulbs in 2003


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