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Thu, 26 Dec 2002 06:54:44 PST

Hi all,

At the time I was growing these I had shelves and shelves of plantlets in a plant stand and simply could not take proper care of them all. (I have since limited myself to what I think I can care for when ordering seeds and bulbs). So I have one bulb I kept, Mary Sue. It bloomed last year, not spectacularly, but it bloomed (too much shade). I potted it up a size and it has an offset now and is going dormant once more. Every time I look at this bulb I think about the photo Sir Peter once posted of his! Frankly I am not quite convinced it is a 'pot' plant and would likely prefer an in-ground situation. Someone once told me it made a fine garden plant, Jack Elliott if memory serves.

Cathy Craig President PBS Maritime zone 9b 

>  Cathy Craig was much more
> > successful with her seed. How many do you still have Cathy?

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