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Dell Sherk
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 04:10:10 PST
Merry Xmas to ALL!!

    On the URL topic, let me mention once again, that the IPNI site
 is very useful for the spelling of scientific names.
However, there is no information on the validity of the nomenclature. They
do give links to what I guess are the original descriptions of the species,
but I haven't bothered to figure out how to access them.

Robert! Bird thou never wert.

    I too got one of the Eustephia darwinii at the Huntingdon, but I let
mine go into dormancy. I have another eustephia, E. jujuyensis , (which may
not be a correct name since it is not even listed on IPNI), from Paul
Christian which has never bloomed. I encourage almost all of my "pancratoid"
amaryllids (stemomessons, phadraenassas, eustephias, urceolinas, e.g.) to
dry out and go dormant in the winter. Unfortunately, I don't have a very
good track record with getting them to bloom, so maybe that's not what one
should do. 
    I also acquired from the IBS auction a tiny hippeastrum bulblet labeled
"Sahuc 94-124" which my records say is a cross between  H. EAE and H.
traubii. It is putting up a very puny scape, and I am looking forward to
seeing what it looks like.

    Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, it is snowing - a white Christmas for
the first time in a while. This has been an unusually cold winter so far (in
the teens F; -7 to  -12 C), compared to the last several years. I expect to
lose some bulbs which have lived through the last couple of winters outside.
But one must be a brave plant scientist, if one is to learn how to do it -
right, JIm S. ?

All the best,

Dell Sherk, SE PA US Zone 6. Amaryllids, South Americans, Cyrtanthus,
Nerine, Hardy bulbs, and, after a lapse, Lachenalia and gesneriads.

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