Scilla natalensis / Scilla baurii

Davd Fenwick
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 01:30:52 PST
My experience with Scilla natalensis indicates it is a much tougher plant than one would expect. It has been outside in my yard for over ten years, subject  to heavy rains in winter, and has seen temperatures as low as -13C.  The amazing thing is that it retains green leaves through all this, and flowers reliably in the summer. Years ago I used to dig them up for dry storage over winter, but I found that new growth was very slow in the spring (like June) and flowering was sparce. For me, it is easier to grow than Scilla peruviana. 

To add to this, this is because of where it is often found in the wild in
South Africa, as it habits most of the tallest peaks there, and can be found
on both Sentinel Peak and Cathedral Peak, and there there temperature can
get as low as he describes, and snow most of the year.

I just wish I knew a little more about Scilla baurii, another South African
Scilla. It grows very well for me in a small clay pot as I grow most of my
SA bulbs, but I know little if not anything about it. Can anyone help ?

Best Wishes,

David Fenwick
NCCPG National Collection of Crocosmia with Chasmanthe and Tulbaghia
The African Garden
96 Wasdale Gardens


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