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Kathy Andersen ksa@del.net
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 21:39:29 PST
My favorite bulb books deal primarily with hardy bulbs.  I really love the
old classics for their beautiful pictures and current information of the
day:  Herbert's "Amaryllidaceae" (1837), "The Narcissus" by Burbridge and
Baker (1875), "The Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Bulbous Plants" by
Mrs. Loudon (1861) and Maw's "A Monograph of the Genus Crocus" (1886).  The
illustrations in the last book are truly amazing.

Then there are some more general books that are useful references but are
not always up-to-date as far as nomenclature is concerned: Grey's 3 volume
set of "Hardy Bulbs" (1938) is useful in identifying older names.  For
example the Veltheimia viridifolia I grew a jillion years ago is today V.
capensis (it is hardy in England, hence its inclusion in the Liliaceae
volume).  I have found the Grey-Wilson and Brian Mathew "Bulbs, the Bulbous
Plants of Europe" very helpful for identification in the field because of
its references to indigenous areas.

I frequently refer to the Mathew's books mentioned by Mary Sue and would
like to add the book he co-authored with Baytop, "The Bulbous Plants of
Turkey".  His book, "The Larger Bulbs" is also of value.

My most dog-eared books are John Blanchard's "Narcissus A Guide to Wild
Daffodils" and "Lilies" by Synge.  There are hosts of others that I use
frequently  (bulb books are my thing), but these are two on which I really
do rely.

Kathy Andersen
Wilmington, Delaware
zone 6b-7a

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