Hypoxis hemerocallidea

Cameron McMaster croft@eci.co.za
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 22:39:08 PST
I looked at your web site picture, and it does seem to be the same, but I'm
not quite sure.  The flowers of many Hypoxis spp are similar, and yours
definitely look like H. hemerocallidea flowers. The leaves should be in
three distinct ranks, like a fountain with three sections - described as
'sickle-shaped' in some books- and they can get quite long in adult plants,
to 60+ cm and averaging 30 cm wide.  They are also channelled, with a
prominent keel or ridge on the underside. The leaves are usually quite
hairy, always with white hairs beneath.  The long older leaves are sometimes
used by rural people to make ropes.
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