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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 09 Dec 2002 12:17:13 PST
Dear All,

A couple of people suggested we talk about favorite books as they might 
lead to ideas for Christmas presents. I did a search of messages I have 
saved that had the word book in them from our discussions and could see 
that it would take me quite a lot of time to read through all the messages. 
I am sure I have not found them all, but here are some that people on this 
list have found valuable gathered together in one place:

Brian Mathew's The Crocus

"Growing Bulbs" by Martyn Rix

Spring and Winter Flowering Bulbs of the Cape by Barbara Jeppe

Clive Innes' book, The World of Iridaceae

Bulbs of North America edited by Jane McGary

And from Alberto:
Brian Mathew's "Dwarf Bulbs"
Brian's " The Smaller Bulbs"
Brian and Kit Grey-Wilson's " Bulbs"
And of course in that gold mine in book shape, "Collin's Guide to Bulbs" by 
Patrick Synge, which is one of the best bulb books of all times, where 
every comment reflects years of first hand experience. Invaluable for bulbs 
from cool to cold winter origin.

Peter Goldblatt and John Manning's Gladiolus of Southern Africa

"Dictionary of Plant Names", published by Timer Press and written by Allen
J. Coombes

Clivias by Harold Koopowitz

Please feel free to elaborate on any of these books, ask questions about 
them and add the others you love and find yourself turning to often.

Mary Sue

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