Intro and Fritillaria pudica

anthony goode
Sun, 07 Jul 2002 04:09:39 PDT
Hello all

Living in eastern England, where we have a maritime climate with
mediterranean/continental influences, I have been growing dwarf bulbs
since 1989.  A busy family man, working full time (not with plants), I
find bulbs are more tolerant of my erratic garding routine than the
alpine plants which I also attempt to grow!  I have a large collection
of Crocus and also grow many Narcissus, Fritillaria and Iris.  I look
forward to learning more and hope to be able to contribute

I do grow and flower Fritillaria pudica, and have raised it to flower
from seed.  I grow it in pots under cold glass.  I too had problems
getting it to flower, until I neglected to repot it for two years -
then up jumped the yellow flowers.  The routine now is to repot every
three or four years.  In between I remove the compost above the bulbs
and replace it each year but I am careful not to disturb the bulbs and
the many rice grains around them.  The compost I use is roughly
40%loam : 40% sandy grit : 10%peat : 10% Perlite.  I allow the pots to
dry out completely during the summer.  They are kept moist from
autumn until early spring.  I increase the watering considerably once
the shoots appear above ground until the leaves begin to yellow.

Hope this helps.

Tony Goode.  Norwich UK Mintemp -8C

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