Frit pudica

Robert Hamilton
Sun, 07 Jul 2002 04:12:01 PDT
Mary Sue  & Paige,

Thanks  for your help on Fritillaria pudica.

What I  forgot to  mention was that my  seedlings have started into  
growth in May this  year the last month of  our  autumn. Since  winter 
hit us  some  are looking particularly seedy  - but in one  case   a 
secondary  shoot   has  appeared next to the yellowing initial  shoot 
and this  looks  stronger.

I have  grown  F affinis  and biflora for a long time  now and they do  
very  well in our  climate so  would like  to get more of your   
American Frits  going.  I have  a single  seedling ( 3rd  year) of F 
atropurpurea seed of which  came  from SW Native  seeds in Arizona . 
( Have raised some  great Tigridia  species from them   as  well).

I once raised to  flowering  F phaenthera which  was a lovely 
diminutive  brick red - then lost the  lot a couple of  years  later.

I noticed the first shoot of Erythronium toulumnese  today .



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