A rambling Introduction

Chad Schroter chadschroter@yahoo.com
Mon, 08 Jul 2002 09:49:11 PDT
Hello all, My name is Chad Schroter and I garden in
Los Gatos California which is a hour south of San
Francisco on the inland side of the Santa Cruz Mtns. I
have been interested in bulbs nearly all my life, as
well as most other plants - perhaps I suffer from
Plant Aquisition Syndrome. I have barely enough time
to manage my garden along with a family, with a boy
almost 3 and two girls 5 and 7. Early on most of my
garden reading was UK oriented and only in the last 5
years thanks to the internet have I learned more
plants and techniques appropriate to this mediteranean
climate. For example I learned the hard way that Large
Trumpet Daffodils do not come back here (most of
them)I am always looking for "surprises" - the
exceptions to the rule plants which are assumed not
hardy etc. which will grow here. 

I had joined this group just before I went on vacation
- the old Yahoo Groups one - and so had a lot of
catching up to do when I got home :)

Chad Schroter

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