I took the hint

Roy M. Sachs rmsachs@ucdavis.edu
Mon, 08 Jul 2002 09:18:50 PDT
Accustomed as I was in my previous life to writing resumes, I avoid 
them now...but Mary Sue has done us all such a service that...

I worked as a teaching-research horticulturist at UCLA and UCDavis 
from 1958 through 1996; since then I've devoted full time to a 
nursery operation outside of Davis, where it's relatively hot and dry 
(not Saharan) from May through September, and a much smaller planting 
on the Russian River, about 7-8 miles inland from the Pacific (about 
80 miles north of San Francisco), where it is considerably cooler and 
more humid during that precious May through September interval. The 
latter is horticultural heaven.

I specialize in growing alstroemeria, species and hybrids, but I'll 
try anything So I have Zantedeschia (many from seed obtained from 
Silverhill), Crocosmia, Watsonia, Lilies, gladioli (some from Mary 
Sue), Ixia, some freesia (again from Mary Sue),  many amaryllids 
(some from Les Hannibal's collection and a couple of haemanthus from 
Joyce)) doing nicely.

I have digitized pics for those that want them and a web site, 
http://e-alstroemeria.hypermart.net/, that has several pics.

Happy to be on board.


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