Ken K
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:16:36 PDT
Joyce Miller wrote:
> I had not thought Lachenalia to be frost hardy in our USDA
> 9A.  However, this spring I found a single L. viridiflora blooming in my
> rock garden.  Most amazing.


Lachenalia viridiflora emerges and blooms very early for me. My
Lachenalia are all in pots, which makes them even more susceptible to
the cold. I leave most of my Lachenalia outside, exposed to the
elements for the winter, although they do look nicer if grown under a
simple cover to keep the rain and direct frost from them. I realize
that Sacramento is a few degrees colder than here, but from what I
understand, their habitat can get fairly cold at night. The 'edge'
that the Cape region has on us is that there is less rain than
Northern California, with very bright, clear days.

I really should put together a raised bed for some of these things
this summer. I'll bet some of the Haemanthus, Massonia and Lachenalia
would go crazy if unleashed from their pots. Boophone haemanthoides is
another one that does well outside for me.

You'll have to let us all know when the bulb plantings at UC Davis are
in full swing!

East S.F. Bay Area, Ca.
USDA Zone 9
-2°C to 38°C

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