Joyce Miller
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:11:21 PDT
Dear Dave and Lauw,
         Each year, I have brought my spring blooming Iridaceae into the 
greenhouse in September or October.  I have Anomatheca, Lachenalia, Moreae 
and Lapeirousia.   The bulbs bloom well, but the stems are weak, causing 
the inflorescences to topple.  Lachenalia.
         Could the relatively low light be the cause of the floppiness?  If 
yes, perhaps I could delay the growth onset till mid-February.
         I had not thought Lachenalia to be frost hardy in our USDA 
9A.  However, this spring I found a single L. viridiflora blooming in my 
rock garden.  Most amazing.

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