Mon, 08 Jul 2002 15:11:46 PDT
Hello Group: 
My name is Mark Mazer and live in Gaylordsville (Merwinsville side of town) Connecticut USA.   We are in USDA Zone 5 with recorded lows around -26F and highs over 100F.   We average 45 inches of rain per year.   Snowcover is not reliable. I garden on a sandy south facing acre that sits along and above the Housatonic River, elevation approximately 250' above sea level with views of the valley and the foothills.   
Married to Freddi with four mostly grown children- one married in Raleigh North Carolina, one in the Navy and stationed in San Diego (just back from a tour of duty in the Arabian Sea - port calls in Brisbane and Hobart-thanks for all that great Aussie support), one is a middle school history teacher and one is entering the second year in college.   We have two giant schnauzer dogs, an African gray parrot and a cockatiel.   We own a small company that create seating, positioning, mobility and rehab devices for the disabled. 

In the garden I grow an assortment of the hardy bulbs, Aroids, Trilliums.   There is a modest collection of dwarf and slow growing conifers, several rockeries and an old stone barn foundation planted with those buns and mat forming plants favored by rock gardeners.   I have a greenhouse, 12'x24,' kept just above freezing throughout the winter where I grow over 150 species of Cape Bulbs- Lachenalia, Ixia, Cyrtanthus, Babiana, Morea, Sparaxis, Geissorhiza, Hesperantha and other non hardy (for me) plants including Aroids, Agapanthus, Clivia, Bamboo, Orchids, Paris, Viryea, some fatties. I have recently started growing some of the California natives offered in Ratko's (the best) Northwest Native Seeds catalog, Calochortus, Frits etc. 
Visitors are welcome by prior arrangement with the main show in the greenhouse occurring from mid February to late March and the rockeries in April, May and June. Currently, the daylily borders are looking fabulous.   I am always interested in trading for new plants or seed. 

Best regards to all,  
Mark Mazer 
Intarsia Ltd. 
Gaylordsville, CT 06755-0142 
Aracea, Paris, Cape Bulbs 
USDA Zone 5 
Giant Schnauzer Rescue 

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