Robert Krejzl
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 03:36:08 PDT
   I feel distinctly out of place in such company, but if introductions are in order then here is mine.     
   I first became interested in bulbs when I took myself off to the Chelsea Flower Show at age 12. I liked the display of lilies so much that I went home and returned with enough money to buy one of Jan de Graaf's books. Over the next several decades I grew bulbs when I could, but much of the time lived in flats without gardens (at one point we lived two minutes walk from the Houses of Parliament), did a degree (my undergrad genetics was taught by C R Bantock which had the great benefit of alerting me to the music of Granville Bantock   <>, ran a place for people with autism and generally knocked around before leaving for Australia.     
   After a brief sojourn in the dry tropics where I learnt I was allergic to mango foliage and that possums like Eucharis flowers, we moved to southern Tasmania a little over two years ago.      
   Now we have a half acre plot of free-draining acid sand close to the Channel and I'm slowly building up a collection of bulbs again. I'm presently a member of the RHS lily group, IBS (I think), AGS &amp; AGS fritillary group. Like Rob Hamilton <> I'm struggling with the difficulty of growing woodlanders in a largely bare garden. As someone who has always had to struggle with the maritime/continental dithering of the UK's climate, Tasmania's mildness is a revelation.  

Robert Krejzl     
  now Snug in Tasmania             
           Climate USDA 8/9. Climax Vegetation: Dry Sclerophyllous Forest      

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