DrR Hamilton
Mon, 08 Jul 2002 23:49:42 PDT
Hi all,

I am also  bowing to the pressure  to  provide an introduction. Apologies to
those who have read something similar  recently  - I have done a little
editing .

I am  a  country  general practitioner  having  worked in Snug  south of
Hobart, Tasmania on the  D'eauntrecasteaux  Channel  for  19  years. I  have
daughters aged  20  and  15, a step daughter  aged 10 , a son aged 2 and  my
wife  VIcki  and I are  expecting  twins in  6 days or  less!!!

We have  just  built a new  home  on  3 and a  half  acres  at  Margate
which is  slightly  closer to  Hobart, but  our  home  is    5 km inland
from  "The  Channel".  So  the  garden  has  been started  from  scratch .
At  this  stage we  have  been  planting  trees  and  shrubs - plently  of
Birches, Oak's  , Chestnuts as  well as Cupressocyparus Leylandii  "Leighton
Green"  for  wind   breaks.  Have  also  been planting lots  of  Cornus,
Buddleja , Lilac and  assorted  other  shrubs. I have now  commenced
experimental planting of  winter dormant bulbs in the garden to  see how
they  go.

The  bulbs  are mostly  still in  pots  as  we  have a  clayey  soil  which
will need some  work  done-  the  major  beds  in the  garden   are built up
30  to  45cm. I  have  had  an  interest in bulbs  for  many  years - I
have  been a  member  of The  Alpine  Garden Society  for  over  20  years
to  further  my interest  and  more  recently  have  joined  The  North
American Rock  Garden  Society , IBS  ,  the Arisaema  Enthusiasts  Group
and Australian Bulb Association .I  am a  retired Australian Orchid  Council
judge- in the  last  couple of years  I have been unable to  find the time
to keep my judging skills up to  date. My  orchid  interests are  mainly
Masdevallia  and  other  Pleurothallids and  Maxillaria - the  small

My  bulb  interests  are  quite  broad  . I  love  Crocus, Colchicum,
Erythonium, Fritillaria, Galanthus, Iris.  Woodland  "bulbs"   are a great
interest  Trillium  , Arisaema, Polygonatum -  even the  proud  owner  of
my  first  Paris this  year  - they  are a bit  of a  struggle  to  manage
at  present  as the  only  shade  we have is the  back  of the house  and a
newly  constructed  shadehouse.  My  interest in Amaryllids  is  growing
thanks  to  the contacts  established  through the  IBS -  Brunsvigia ,
Boophane, Haemanthus  and   similar. I have a  reasonable  number  of
Nerines  as  well.  Aracea  in  general  I  love  -  I  am  even  breaking
my  own  rules  to  try  and   grow the  half-hardy  Amorphophallus  and

(The following was  written for Aussie readers but I am leaving it in
because Essie is  such a great old plantswoman who does have  worldwide

I  have  been privleged  for  the  last 19  years of  being able  to
regularly  visit  Essie  Huxley  at   Longley  ( 200 metres  from Woodbank
Nursery) . For  those that  dont  know  of  her  she  is 85  years young
and  has been  growing  bulbs  for  not  quite that  long.  I  visited
recently when   Colchicums  were  the main  thing  to  stick in  my  mind  -
speciosum  by the  hundreds  including the  darker  selection Disraeli,
speciosum  album, autumnale album  (single  and  double), Waterlily  and
variegatum .  She  also  had in  flower "Haemanthus katherinae "   which I
have  found  should  be  Scadoxus multiflorus  var  katherinae- it  was
absolutely  devine. ( Another  example of a bulb out of  sync with  the

In my spare time I  swim with an Aussie Masters swimming  club - at
least  twice a  week. Only started at  45 years old and I'm just a  plodder,
but I really love it.


Dr R F Hamilton <>, Tasmania, Australia
Temperate Marine Climate (USDA 8/9)
Average Garden Rainfall 26.7 inches (range 21-36)
Temperature extremes -2 C  ,  38 C.

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