Frit pudica

_DrR Hamilton
Mon, 08 Jul 2002 23:49:35 PDT

To Tony , Diane  and Jane,

Thanks  for your  further  help  with Fritillaria pudica.

I looked back on my sowing details  and found that  last  year my  seedlings
appeared at the  correct time in July and August. We have had  strange
weather this year with a cool moist  summer then a very warm dry autumn with
sudden onset  of  severe winter in June. Other seedlings   have started in
the wrong season - a pot full of 3rd year Trillium albidum seedlings
appeared in autumn - they are now a bit sad. Lots of winter flowering bulbs
have come early.

The F pudica seedlings whose origin I am certain of are from NARGS seedex
and are listed  below.

Fritillaria pudica - Baker Co, Oregon
Fritillaria pudica - WA Cascades
Fritillaria pudica- Yakima Co WA

Jane  you  mentioned  coastal Californian populations would  suit  my
climate  best ,so it  seem these are probably not the best  for  me.

I realised yesterday I have  a pot of  2nd year Frit viridea seedlings up
with nice  strong  second leaves.



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