[PacificBulbSociety] Moraea (Homeria) type seed

Cathy Craig Batlette@cox.net
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 21:40:43 PDT
Hi everyone,

I second the recommendation of these plants. Mine sound like Mary Sue's but
I am not positive of their ID as I bought the bulbs from a nursery and you
know how they are...you are lucky if the package lists the genus much less
the species.

Mine also are orange and many are yellow. They are gorgeous flowers, very
bright...I can see them from way across the yard. Mine grow to about 30
inches (I have seen these same ones - yellow ones - The Huntington Botanical
Garden has a big drift of them and there they grow to nearly four ft tall).
I deadhead everything (just because I am a neat-nick outdoors) so probably
won't have them coming up everywhere.

I too live on the coast but in So Cal. We have had practically no sun to
speak of since last fall and it was another cold spring here and summer is
cool too so far. When the Homerias bloomed, it seemed to me that the flowers
lasted some days. If true, probably due to the low light and heat levels.
They really are worth growing. And the foliage is easy to tolerate as it
dies down, not like tulips, hyacinths, and narcissus foliage that is awful
to look at for months after bloom. Do try them and let us all know how you
like them next year!

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