[PacificBulbSociety] Moraea (Homeria) type seed

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 19:52:50 PDT
Dear All,

In my Northern California coastal garden I planted Homeria in the ground. I 
had various species (collina, flacccida, ochroleuca, pendula). I had grown 
some of these when I lived in Stockton in raised beds with deciduous 
perennials. The Homerias did their thing and then the perennials came up 
and I pulled the dying stems of the Homerias off. They survived in raised 
beds with regular summer water. Every year they bloomed in greater numbers, 
but did not appear where they were not planted.

Here on the coast it is another matter. Before I realized they had set seed 
and seeded themselves about and I now have very interesting hybrids that 
bloom for a long time in spring appearing all over my garden. Each flower 
is open about two days in this cooler climate and many flowers are 
produced. Some are pure yellow or pure apricot and some yellow with an 
orange cup or orange with a yellow cup. There are some interesting 
variations. After I became concerned that I might be starting a new weed 
invasion I have tried to deadhead. So far they have not appeared beyond my 
1/2 acre garden.

Jim Duggan told the IBS forum last year that Homeria is now considered a 
weed and he cannot send bulbs out of the state of California. I find this a 
bit humorous since if they are going to be weeds California is probably 
where that will happen as they wouldn't be hardy everywhere. This is a long 
winded way of saying that this year I collected seed. It would be 
considered Moraea hybrids (Homeria type.) I probably shouldn't send it to 
Dell. Is there anyone in California who wants it and is willing to watch it 
so it won't get carried away? I think inland it wouldn't be such a problem, 
at least it wasn't for me. If you want some, send me privately your name 
and address and I will mail some seed to you.

Mary Sue

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