Hieronymiella aurea & Rhodophiala advena Seedling Update

Lee Poulsen wlp@ampersand.jpl.nasa.gov
Tue, 05 Nov 2002 23:02:05 PST

Thanks for the details about how you are growing the Hieronymiella seedling. I'm going to have to try mine that way.

And thanks for the word 'fused'. I knew welded wasn't the word to use, but it was a placeholder for the correct meaning. I wracked my brain for days trying to think of the right word, and Roget's didn't help me either. Of course fused is the right word.

I don't know the botanical terms either. But that website I listed gives definitions for all those "heavy duty" botanical terms. It's at the Missouri Botanical Gardens website. (And Steve Putnam does live in Delaware.)

Lee Poulsen
PBS Treasurer

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