Brodiaea and Calochortus

Tue, 05 Nov 2002 19:29:10 PST
Hi Marguerite --------

In looking over my last reply to you, I find I forgot to say how much I
appreciate the people (like you) who DO grow things. There are so many bulbs
from places I have never been - and probably won't ever get to - and it is a
secondary joy for me to see things I otherwise would never see. But I DO
prefer seeing them in their native habitat, if that is possible.

The value of that came home to Jim during our "whirlwind" (2-1/2 weeks) trip
through South Africa (mostly the Cape Province and the very southern part of
Namibia). When we encountered a Romulea species Jim had been struggling with
for some time, he discovered that the place it was growing was quite damp -
while he had been treating it more like our West Coast bulbs, many of which
will rot if watered when it's hot. Lo and behold, when we returned, he
started watering his Romulea vigorously - with great results. Seeing things
in their natural habitats often saves the effort to "learn by doing" - trial
and error, often with some discouraging losses along the way !

Best wishes ------------------- Georgie

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