peter maynard Peter.Maynard@btinternet.com
Fri, 08 Nov 2002 15:45:53 PST
With all the chat about this genus (monotypic ?) I can tell you all that here, under glass protection, it comes readily from imported seed and flowers in the third year after germination so this should be no problem for the "youngsters" among us, further they come happily through dormancy.

I have now two pots, each with about 5 bulbs, one has just finished, the other has a visible bud cluster inside the procumbent leaves and should make it up in the next month. The time is not predictable since our daylight is now fading and this seems to be an important factor. I have never set seed here even with the aid of grandchildren's paint brushes so will probably be requesting more from SA soon. My only beef is that both are the red flowered form and I would like to see the yellow!

S.E. England Zone 8 Coastal Plain
natales grate numeras

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