Daubenya comments

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Fri, 08 Nov 2002 08:19:18 PST
Jim Shields asked,
>Does Paul Christian raise all his bulbs himself?  I got some Haemanthus 
>from him that tried to grow on the Southern Hemisphere calendar, and I just 
>assumed he imported them from RSA for resale.

No, he doesn't, though he grows many of them. Some are Dutch-grown, some
from China, so perhaps some are from S. Africa too.

I have grown Daubenya from seed with no difficulty. I know this is not
really the same mind-set as many bulb fanciers have (probably a good thing
for those of us who sell bulbs!), but I do recommend starting with seed
whenever possible. Not only does it prevent difficulties with annual
cycles, it also limits the introduction of pests and diseases.

Jane McGary
NW Oregon

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