Major update to The Edgewood Garden website

John Lonsdale
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:28:21 PST
Please forgive the cross-posting to multiple lists - but there is something of interest to members of all these groups in my recent web-site update (  Should you have any comments of general interest, I'd be very grateful if you would post them to each of the relevant lists.

In this update, 234 images have been added.  In the main they are fall 'bulbs' (mainly Cyclamen and Crocus, also Allium, Galanthus, Iris, Narcissus, Nothoscordum, Scilla, Spiranthes and Sternbergia) but also included are a number of shots of fall foliage and other 'odds and sods' like the making of a new Trillium bed and my Onco Iris bed after emptying it and dividing/replanting the lot. 

Highlights include:- Crocus vallicola, moabiticus, hermoneus, tournefortii hybrids, several forms of  goulimyi, hadriaticus and pallasii, serotinus 'El Torcal'.....Cyclamen graecum ssp. anatolicum and ssp. graecum leaves, lovely pictures of several forms of intaminatum and cilicium, and hederifolium in the garden..... and last but not least, Nothoscordum montevidense

Please note - the update is available via the 'Latest Update' link on my home page but has not yet been incorporated into the main Plant Galleries.  I'll do this in the next few days.  You can access the update directly by clicking on:… 
The above link takes you directly to the first page of thumbnails. J.

Dr John T Lonsdale 
Zone 6b

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