Rain and Germination

TGlavich@aol.com TGlavich@aol.com
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 19:34:43 PST
In Southern California we had our first significant rain of the year last weekend, with a little about 3 inches in 2 days, at least where I live.  I start about 200 pots of seedlings each fall, using plastic bag mini-greenhouses.  The bags are sealed and more or less vapor tight.  The potting mix is saturated, or close to it.  Most of the seeds were planted in late September to early October, and germination of many was in the first two weeks, but there were still about 100 slow and erratic germinators sitting around at the start of the weekend, with germination rates of three or four per week.

By the end of the weekend I had about 20 new germinations, and a half dozen or so since.  An Arum Palestrinum tuber from Telos also started significant active growth at the same time, still in a sealed plastic bag.

Temperatures are about the same, we've had warmer and colder before, day length isn't much of a factor.  The bags prevent any significant water exchange with the outside air.  The Arum tuber started in a plastic bag in my house, the seeds in the garage. 

The only thing I can think of is the sustained change in barometric pressure?  Any other ideas?  Does anyone else see the same kind of behavior?


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