Brodiaea, Calochortus, and Triteleia

J.E. Shields
Sun, 10 Nov 2002 16:03:42 PST
Hi all,

I have grown a few of these outdoors in the ground for a couple years now.  I have Calochortus from the commercial Dutch bulb catalogs that seem to be coming back and blooming.  It is worth noting that out of a dozen or two planted together in a loosely spaced clump, only a handful of each now survive.  But C. luteus 'Golden Orb', C. superbus, and one other, perhaps C. venustus, are surviving in much reduced numbers.

I got seeds of C. macrocarpus from Ron Ratko on several occasions.  I killed a lot learning how to germinate them, and then killed some learning how to get them through winter and through summer.  Out of hundreds of seeds planted and dozens of  first-year seedlings obtained, a handful of bulbs survive.  The need to be cold in winter -- cold as outdoor in their pots here in Indiana or at least in a coldframe.  I don't know if I'll ever live to see one of the C. macrocarpus bloom here, but I keep trying. The few survivors I could find in my seedling pots are in my new rock garden.

I bought Brodiaea and Triteleia bulbs from Jim Robinett just before he stopped selling, the hardiest strains he had at the time.  They have all survived, bloomed, and set seed, for the most part.  Brodiaea californica and purdyi; Trieteleia ixiodes 'Scabra', T. hyacinthina 'Modoc' and T. (or B.?) bridgesii.  they have done so well that I have not bothered to collect and grow on any of the abundant seeds each summer.  Ought I to have done that?  Maybe next year, if it matters.

I have T. dudleyi from Jane McGary and T. laxa 'Queen Fabiola' from any of the numerous commecial sources.  The dudleyi are relatively new, but the 'Queen Fabiola' have just gone on living and blooming for several years.

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