Daubenya flowering season and Oxalis flava

Robin Attrill Robin@rpattrill.freeserve.co.uk
Sun, 10 Nov 2002 15:56:50 PST
Mary Sue et al,

I suspect the dramatically earlier flowering season of Daubenya aurea in the UK (typically Nov - Jan) rather than the predicted February is most probably due to accelerated growth development due to far higher temperatures than those in habitat. Whilst light levels may influence the flowering time once growth has initiated, the plants in the UK will be most unlikely (under natural conditions) to experience the high light levels received by the plants in native habitat. In consequence the earlier flowering is frequently (but not always) accompanied by a degree of etiolation.

Regarding Oxalis flava, the various clones/forms in cultivation vary enormously in productivity of bloom.  Some flower freely - the yellow form distributed by Monocot Nursery is an example - whereas others have a tendency to generate a large number of small daughter bulbs and hence foliage. I have found that deep planting and as long a growing season as possible, which tends to produce larger bulbs, gives the best results in terms of the following seasons flowers.



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