Calochortus Society & Welcome to Georgie Robinett

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 01 Nov 2002 18:55:48 PST
Dear All,

Georgie hasn't introduced herself, but I am pleased to see that she has already contributed some of her extensive knowledge to our group. Georgie and her late husband Jim traveled all over California and learned all about our native bulbs from observing them in the wild and growing them as well. Georgie now lives in Brookings Oregon and is the editor of Mariposa, the newsletter of the Calochortus Society. For anyone who is interested in Calochortus this is treasure of information. I have kept every one. In most issues a species is profiled with historical information and lots of comments on how to tell it apart from others species and cultural information as well. There is a page of color copy photographs illustrating that species from pictures taken in the past by Jim. You can't always find pictures of the different species of Calochortus and what is especially nice is that you get a sense of all the variations of the plants seen in the wild. Once a year there is a wonderful seed list of seed donated by members from wild and cultivated seed.

Welcome to our group Georgie and we all look forward to learning from you.

Mary Sue

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