Brodiaea seed

Mary Wise
Fri, 01 Nov 2002 19:13:01 PST
Thanks so much for the info Georgie )  I will file that.  I live in the S West of Western Australia where it is a bit fierce in the Summer but we do get our main rains in the Winter (that is when they remember to come) so that should suit it just so long as I make sure to protect it from the hot sun.  It is labelled Brodiaea terrestris v terrestris (just checked ) ) B corinaria is about to burst into bloom I am so thrilled that it has managed to survive.  Had one blooming stem last year for the first time since I sowed the seed and just went and counted and there is 15 stems !  I have noticed though that the leaves are dying back already is this normal or have I kept it too dry ????  


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