baby bulb attack!

Jennifer Hildebrand
Sun, 03 Nov 2002 12:44:10 PST
My baby bulbs have been attacked. These were some that I started from seed last fall, in 4" pots. Some had just begun their new season's growth. Most were very small - not even 1/4". What would do this? 

I live in Riverside, in an apartment complex. We don't have many hiding places for creatures - more concrete than dirt. The pots were on the second shelf of a 3-tiered rack, but none of them were knocked off, so this must have been something very small. They were very selective. They ate the baby bulbs, but left behind the tunics, the roots, and any new growth that had popped through the soil. They loved my Romuleas. They took Moraea papilionicaea and M. aristata, but left M. elliotii. They took Anomatheca laxa but left A. viridis. They took Gladiolus tristis but left another Glad species. Mice? Rats? And, more importantly, how do I stop them from taking the rest of my baby bulbs?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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