oxalis in rock gardens

Claude Sweet claudesweet@cox.net
Sun, 03 Nov 2002 11:30:35 PST
I would appreciate suggestions and comments from anyone who has experience planting oxalis in rock gardens, especially in cold climates. I am interested in both summer and winter flowering oxalis plantings.

Most of my oxalis are grown in containers, especially the summer dormant ones consists multiple pots, containing a few bulbs of individually named selections. It helps me protect them loss and helps me maintain identification labels.

As part of a trade for some  Lycoris radiata ssp. pumila from Jane McGary, I agreed to write an article on oxalis for the Rock Garden Quarterly.

My approach to this article requires me to contact people who have experience with the oxalis planted directly in the ground. I would like to establish a dialog or interview such individuals.

Topics would include
1. rodent damage to the bulbs - something has harvested and eaten my summer dormant bulbs
2. which species thrive, which are marginal, and which might be invasive, especially in colder climates than I experience in my mild winter climate
3. have you experienced pest or disease problems -  an orange rust has infected a few of my species
4. commercial sources, especially mail order

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

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