About Pacific BX 12

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 09:57:30 PDT
Dear All,

It looks like I lost track of a couple of things that I sent Dell so didn't 
describe them.

Ixia frederickii is a really pretty orange Ixia with a dark center that 
Graham Duncan told me was one he thought I could plant in the ground in 
Northern California and it would come back. The hybrids have been weedy for 
me, but some of the species have disappeared once I planted them out and 
left them, but it looks like this one may be different.

Lachenalia contaminata--grass-like leaves, white flowers. This one I saw 
many years ago on African hill at UC Berkeley looking really stunning (back 
in my days before I was a fanatic). It definitely pushed me in the 
direction of wanting to grow Lachenalias.

Lachenalia juncifolia-- this one has two long narrow green channeled leaves 
with maroon markings on the base making it very different from other 
Lachenalias I grow.

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