Fritillaria pinetorum

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 09:38:19 PDT
Dear All,

On the California Horticultural Society seed exchange list this year was seed of Fritillaria pinetorum donated by Wayne Roderick and I obtained some. I have reread Diana Chapman's article on Fritillarias of California in the NARGS bulletin and the chapter on the genus Fritillaria in  Bulbs of North America and am thinking that perhaps I was a bit too quick to think I could possible grow this if is found at an elevation of 1800-3000 meters (6000-10000 feet) in central and southern California and experiences harsh extremes of weather and is covered by snow in winter. It reminded me of a talk on Fritillaria that Wayne gave long ago when he told us just to admire some of those mountain beauties in the wild and not attempt to grow them because we would be bound to fail. There is a picture of this one in Bulbs of North America.

Has anyone on this list succeeded in germinating or growing this? I assume the only hope would be to stratify the seeds. Or should I just send the seed to Diana who has found ways to germinate high altitude Calochortus seed and is a much better propagator than I am?

Mary Sue

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