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Ixia ixia@dcsi.net.au
Sun, 20 Oct 2002 00:25:23 PDT
Dear all,
I've just spent two lovely days in the garden, excited over so many species
flowering now - too many to mention.

Here are a few
Two species of Wachendorfia, parviflora and paniculata and absolutely stacks
of Lachenalias, too many to name.

Two different color forms of Veltheimia - from seed from SA  - one was
labelled "brick red "and the other "dull pink", which came from IBSA in SA.

I have photographed them together and if suitable, will post the image on
the bulb robin.

Also, for the first time, I have a flower coming on my Cyanella - I had just
about given up on it.

Gladiolus quadrangulus has just finished flowering and although unusual, I
was not so impressed with this one.

Allium giganteum is looking really healthy in the ground but flowers are a
little way off yet.

Ixias include scillaris, flexuosa, dubium, marginifolia, speciosa just to
name a few.

It's been a very dry year and we are looking at water restrictions very soon
here in Victoria  but the weather has been very nice for this time of the
year. Although further north they are having very bad bushfires and we will be on fire alert soon as well.

Bill Richardson
0-21 Lovely days of Spring. Need rain desperately.
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