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Andrew Harvie aharvie@hawknet.com.au
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 17:12:49 PDT
Hi Mary Sue

I too long for seed of the other colour forms. I am also looking for Cyanella aquatica, which is supposed to have orange flowers. If anyone wants some more detailed info on this genus, there is a revision of the genus in the South African Journal of Botany, 1991, 57(1) page 34-54.

I am intrigued to know how long yours have taken to flower. I planted my first seed in March 1999 and they flowered for the first time last year. So that would make it flowering in their third growing season. I don't consider this long compared to some other bulb seeds that I have sown, but then others flower in the same season that you plant them.

Alberto mentioned poor germination. I have not experienced this with Cyanella lutea or C. hyacinthoides, but then I didn't count how many seeds I sowed. All I know is I threw a handful of seeds into a foam box and now I have a box full of seedlings.

As to them not appearing after repotting, I repotted mine from a six inch pot to an eight inch pot without disturbing the soil, and they all came up no problem. I have experienced this no show with Cyanella amboensis, but not after repotting. They simply didn't come up again after there first year. Upon inspection the corms seemed to be OK. This year will be the test, if they don't come up this summer they will get tossed. I am still hopeful because the plants grow in a very arid area of Namibia and take advantage of years with good rain and then no show in bad years.

Regards Andrew

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