Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 20:33:47 PDT
Dear Andrew,

I sent along your response to the Pacific Bulb Society list. We'd love to have you and anyone else on the Australian Bulbs list join us. I am happy to sign anyone up or you can do it yourself by sending a note to and in the body write subscribe pacificbulbsociety or subscribe digest pacificbulbsociety.

I just mention this as if you haven't joined and send a message to the pbs list your message will get returned.

I just looked on my data base and I bought a Cyanella lutea bulb in 1989. My data base says that I no longer have it so I just corrected that since it bloomed this spring. It was years before it showed up, then it bloomed for several years in a row until I moved it and then it took three years before it reappeared this year again.

My first attempt to grow Cyanella orchidiformis from seed was unsuccessful, but it was Kirstenbosch seed and that seed I don't think is very fresh as I often had very poor results and good results growing the same species from Silverhill Seed or IBSA seed. I had good luck with seed from IBS and Bill Dijk of C. orchidformis and C. hyacinthoides, but then had the dwindles or just found they remained dormant for a season. One year only 3 or 11 came up. I started seed in 1997 and 1998 (fall to winter) and got my first bloom this year, but I think that some of my non blooming corms I gave to Jana bloomed before that so maybe I didn't give them what they needed.

Before you toss the one out maybe you should just plant it out or does it get too wet where you are in summer?

Another member of our list shared his results
Hi Mary Sue
Cyanella lutea bloomed for me this past winter from a fall 1998 sowing.  It too took an entire year off in 2000.  Nine corms repotted this August have recently reappeared.
Mark Mazer

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