BX contribution - Lilies

Cathy Craig batlette@cox.net
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 22:04:12 PDT
Hi everyone,

I am digging and dividing some lilies from my beds and am sending Dell
Sherk, our wonderful BX guy, a couple dozen small Lilium bulbs from the
Golden Splendor Group. My A-Z has this to say about this group: Div VI(a)
(trumpet-shaped hybrid), vigorous, strong stems, blooms mid-season,
hardiness zone 5-7, 4-6 ft tall, large outward-facing shallow trumpets,

I have had my bulbs since '99 and the original three have now become about
30 bulbs. Most of the bulbs are quite small but will bloom in a year or two.
This is a really nice lily, nice scent, strong grower, beautiful and
striking golden yellow (not orangy-yellow) - a nice pure color - more yellow
than gold here. Seems to hold its color well in sun and lasts pretty well.
If I remember correctly the flower has nice thick substance for a trumpet.
Plant the bulbs deeply enough so that the stem, when it emerges from the
bulb, has enough dirt to hold the stem roots - perhaps at least 3 inches of
soil over the top of the bulb. Lilies like soft dirt around and under the
bulb (although mine have been growing in some pretty hard soil - but with
each redigging of the bed the soil improves) so you might amend the planting
holes and make sure they are big holes because the roots will eventually
grow out 6 inches away from the bottom of the bulb.

Plant in full sun, you know how trumpets are - they tend to bend toward the
sun especially when they are still young. I'm sure you will like this plant.
In two or three years you will have a nice clump of them. Enjoy!

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b

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