outdoor nerine a triploid?

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You comments are very interesting.  I have a strong N. bowdenii clone from Rob Potterton that appears to be completely sterile.  It accepts no pollen that I've tried on it.

I have at the moment pollen from a single bulb of N. bowdenii wellsii from South Africa.  It bloomed recently and I pollinated its flowers with stored frozen pollen from N. krigei.  All but one of the florets set seed.  Whether they are the [bowdenii wellsii X krigei] hybrid or are from self-pollination remains to be seen.

N. filifolia is also blooming, having started before the last flowers of N. b. wellsii faded.  I pollinated several of the N. filifolia florets with fresh pollen from the wellsii, and some of those flowers are also producing seeds.  It should be easy to tell if these are [filifolia X bowdenii wellsii] or are from self-pollination by the time the seedlings are a year old, if not sooner.

I suspect (or better, "fear") that the cultivated clones of N. bowdenii will all be sterile, either triploids or aneuploids of one sort or another. They have probably all been selected over the years for vigor in greenhouses.   N. 'Pink Triumph' is supposed to be a hybrid of bowdenii.  It has not produced viable F1 so far.  I got a few seeds only one time, from pollinating it with N. flexuosa.   Those seedlings developed only two tiny leaves, subsequently dying and disappearing.  Otherwise, it has simply never set a pod.

Another cross that did little was N. [filamentosa X rehmannii], which produced a few small seed-like balls that never germinated.

 I think some of the Nerine hybrids from sarniensis are known to be tetraploids.  I'd like to hear about experiences of anyone else who has made crosses with non-sarniensis Nerine species or hybrids.

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I've just crossed my indoor nerine, the purple Quest, with pollen from several of a friend's plants.  I still have pollen, but I've run out of flowers to put it on.
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