Cliva Society

Sparky McFarkle
Thu, 10 Oct 2002 19:45:19 PDT
ALAN  The name of the Clivia Society Newsletter is  CLIVIA SOCIETY NEWSLETTER.
(Couldn't resist!)  Actually, it was formerly Clivia Club Newsletter.  If you need to
contact the Editor
    70 The Valley Rd, Parktown
    Johannesburg,  2193
    Tel & FAX  (011)  646 9392     Email
Nice meeting you at the symposium
ROBERT PARKER    IBS  USAA 710      IBS AFFILIATE  WWW-025       PBS  10038
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From Alan Meerow
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Can anyone tell me the name of the Clivia Society's newsletter?  I have a photocopy of an article from it but I can't read the name of the publication.

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