Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 25 Oct 2002 08:15:16 PDT
Dear Vicki,

I wrote this before Tom gave you all those excellent resources, but will send on what I wrote anyway.

It is an interesting thing about Pumice. We can find the expensive kinds in small bags occasionally in garden centers. We have taken to checking out all landscape supply companies when we pass one since they don't all carry the same things. Sometimes we find it and if so we buy it. There is a landscape supply that has two locations, one in Marin County and one in Richmond. At the Richmond location you can get large bags of pumice that is white or brown. At the Marin location you can get lava rock which is red. That is far easier to find in Northern California and what most people use here. You need to find the right size (not too big and without fines.) I always try to talk my husband into making a stop when we are in the East Bay (near Richmond) to get a couple of sacks of the white kind.

I think before you joined our list (in July) we had a fascinating (at least I thought it was) discussion that I have put together in a large e-mail called volcanic rock/ decomposed granite. Some of the scientists/geologists weighed in with some explanations and others shared what they used and where they found it. I can mail it to you and anyone else who has joined since that might like it. If you want it contact me privately at mailtomsittner@mcn.org

Mary Sue

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