Tom Stuart tstuart@westnet.com
Fri, 25 Oct 2002 08:50:04 PDT
> Does anyone know of a cheap source of pumice? 

This is a Google question. Pumice is abundant anywhere near recent 
volcanic activity. In the western US, the Bureau of Land Management allows 
you to haul away up to 100,000 cubic yards for free. See, for example,


For those with lesser needs, the costs rise. This page sites $25/yard


Near the Rockies or the Sierras any landscape supply store is a candidate.

Elsewhere, cactus grower suppliers are candidates. Here it is $12.50 per cu. 
ft. plus shipping, probably an equal amount


If you are into high prices, however, check out a geology supply house where 
3 oz. can break the bank.

Tom Stuart, New York
far from pumice-land

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