Seed starting advice

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 16:54:39 PDT
Dear All,

One of the newest members of this list posted the following question on the IBS website in July and didn't get an answer. I told her I'd try to come up with something and then had to leave suddenly. Now that I am back I will answer the parts I can and hope others will assist her as well.

Mary Sue
Thanks to the generous donations of so many members, I have obtained a wonderful collection of seeds - but I'm afraid the beautiful pictures have lured me into acquiring seeds about which I have little knowledge. In several cases, therefore, I've been unsuccessful. If anyone could provide advice or tips about the following, I'd be ever grateful!

*Allium - these start well for me, but quickly succumb to "damp off"
*Bomaraea caldasii
*Bulbinella elegans
*Calochortus venustus
*Gelasine azurea
*Gynandriris setifola
*Herbertia lahue
*Iris giganticaerulea
*Melasphaerula ramosa
*Neomarica caerulea, candida, and northiana
*Sandersonia aurantiaca
*Smilacina stellata
*Zagadenus fremontii

Thanks for your time!

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